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Membership for individuals

Every person can become a member of the Youth Hostels Association of Russia (YHAR) if buys a Russian membership card. Such things as age, nationality, citizenship, political convictions or religion are not taken in consideration. The card is valid for one year from the moment of its sale and costs 300 Russian Roubles. It can be used only by the cardholder. The card may be extended yearly according to the request of the cardholder. To do this you need any document that can identify your person. Russian membership cards can be bought in the hostels - members of the YHAR. With the YHAR's membership card you are entitled to discounts in all YHAR's hostels as well as foreign hostels that are members of the national Youth Hostel Association.

Russian organizations, which give
discounts on the YHAR's membership card

* These Russian organizations not only give discounts
on the YHAR's membership cards but also sell them.

Membership for official (juridical) organizations

Hostels, Travel Companies working with youth or with tourists who are limited in their means and other organizations which support ideas of Hostel-movement can become members of YHAR.

Association can help its members in training the staff of any level for the hostels and promotion of services which are given by the organizations on the external and internal markets.

Full information how to become a member of YHAR you can get from the President of the Association - Yulia Zubareva (e-mail:info@russia-hostelling.ru).

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